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At Get Off Grid we specialise in Solar Solutions that reduce your reliance on the grid. We provide solutions that will be the best investment that you can make at this time. You will be doing your part in fighting climate change. You will be moving into the future at the right time.



Our Vision

We believe in two main criteria when it comes to Solar Power - Return on Investment and setting an example to others. By focussing on providing a system, based on budgetary requirements and one that grows with your requirements, you can not only reap the benefits now, but also ensure a better future for generations to come.

Our History

The management team at Get Off Grid has more than 10 years’ collective history in Green Energy Solutions. We started 3 years ago in Solar Geysers and Heat Pumps and have completed more than 1000 PV solutions in the domestic and small commercial sectors, up to the financial year ending 28 February 2016.

Our Values

PV is not a cheap solution, and takes some time to realize its ROI. For this reason, we don’t believe our job is over once an installation has been completed. We believe in partnering with our clients to maintain and promote solar solutions ongoing. True value is only achieved over the long run and we will always be there to assist!

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At Get Off Grid we offer a professional turnkey solution to meet your Energy needs. We can assist you in every angle of your electricity consumption. We understand PV is an expensive outlay, which is why we will help you step by step to first understand your energy requirements and provide solutions that suit your lifestyle.

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Backup Systems

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Energy Efficiency

The backup concept is often misunderstood – we believe a backup system is to be able to provide an alternative power solution for a period of time. Grid Tied Solar systems are the simplest of the various PV systems in their design. We create a tributary and feed into the “river” of power coming from the Utility. An extremely cost effective way to produce cheap, clean power. As the name implies, an Off-Grid solar solution operates 100% independently from the grid and provides you with significant cost savings in the long run. We offer a range of energy efficient components, such as Lighting, Solar Geyser and Pump solutions to further reduce your electric consumption.


Solar is the smartest energy source under the sun.


We continually strive to not only provide the best-in-market solutions for your home or business energy needs, but also to deliver ultra high levels of service and great pricing! Please note that these are indicative starting points and that we can provide solar solutions at any scale.

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